Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bible Blast Winner (And First "Side Quest")!

We are proud to announce that we have our first winner in the ongoing Bible Blast, Wisdom Books competition! He has selected the Mystery Gift—a brave soul indeed. The remaining prizes are:

1) GNT Bible, Catholic Edition
2) The Theology of the Body by Pope John Paul II
3) Introduction to Christianity by Pope Benedict XVI (then Fr. Joseph Ratzinger)

Only two more winners will be selected; hurry before someone else beats you to the prizes!

With the selection of our first winner, we shall announce our first "side quest" competition. This quest has a one week time limit, starting today. So if you want to take part, don't wait too long and miss your chance!


Our first winner is prohibited from participating—because he will be judging! If you feel sad that the Mystery Gift has been taken, here's your chance to get it back. Readers who wish to participate in this contest must write at least a 100 word collection of proverbs and sayings of their own creation. Our first winner will select the best submission, the writer of which may choose from two options:

A) 15 points extra credit for when you take the exam to win the competition.
B) Substitute the first winner's Mystery Gift with another prize from the list.

Just when you thought you were safe...

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