Saturday, July 7, 2012

Introducing Bible Blast

In the spirit of all those "Read the Bible in a Year" programs, I'm starting a contest, Bible Blast: read the Bible faster than everybody else and win cool prizes. The first three to finish a specified section of the Bible will be rewarded, the rest will walk away empty handed. Sounds simple enough, right? But here's the catch—you have to take a special little test to prove that you read the whole section, because I'm looking not only for speed, but also understanding. If you fail the test, you will be disqualified for that section and the next person in line will get a shot. What's the format? Multiple choice, true/false, and short answer...but don't underestimate it. In accord with the honors system, I will trust you to take it closed-book, and that means no use of resources beyond what you've stored in your own brain.

The contest for the Wisdom Books starts now. I'll accept new contenders right up until all three winners are selected. The Wisdom Books are:

Song of Songs

Just shoot me an email when you've finished reading and you're ready to take the test, miller(dot)geoffrey(at)gmail(dot)com. Periodically, I will mention "side quests" as we go along to allow you to pick up extra loot. Be aware that during these bonus "side quests," questions about the Bible in history and culture are fair game. Some of the "side quests" will be more interactive and won't feature questions at all, but all "side quests" will relate to the current section of the Bible.

Winners of the Wisdom Books contest may select one of the following prizes:

1) GNT Bible, Catholic Edition
2) The Theology of the Body by Pope John Paul II
3) Introduction to Christianity by Pope Benedict XVI (then Fr. Joseph Ratzinger)
4) Mystery Gift

Allowed Bibles: King James Version, Douay-Rheims, Revised Standard Version, New Revised Standard Version, New American Bible (Revised Edition), English Standard Version, Jerusalem Bible, New Jerusalem Bible, Knox Translation, New International Version, Good News Translation, New Living Translation. Others will need to be okayed by me through email. Also, make sure you get an edition with the Apocrypha or at least the Deuterocanonicals. 

And may the Spirit be ever in your favor...
you'll need him.

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